Magnolia Market Metal Sign

In a recent family spring break trip to Waco, TX we picked up a metal sign from Chip and Joanna Gaines's Magnolia Market.  There couldn't have been a more perfect saying for Deep Creek Lake, then Your Mountain is Waiting So Get On Your Way.  Each of these handmade signs sold in Magnolia Market are made by local artist Jimmy Don Holmes.  No two signs are exactly alike because each comes with various bronze patina spots or sheen, beautiful water markings, speckles of rust, a solid silver sheen or other distinguishing characteristics. Magnolia Market in Waco and their online website sell two different size square metal signs (small: 23 1/4" x 23 1/4" and large: 23 1/4" x 23 1/4") with various sayings, such as Act Justly, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly, There Will Be Miracles, and Today is a Good Day for a Good Day.  They also have small metal wall badges (size: 8" X 5") each featuring one of Chip’s daily mantras, including You Got This, Go Get ‘Em, and Do Good Work.  All of these metal signs are great decorations for the home or office and we couldn’t resist including some of Magnolia Market into Creekside #9. 

Welcome to Deep Creek Lake Sign

We were looking for a Welcome to Deep Creek sign and were so excited when we came across the work of the New Orleans and North Carolina based family-owned company A Simpler Time.  The vintage red, white, and blue boat sign we ended up selecting also allowed us to add more personalization by incorporating our home’s name Creekside #9 and the American Flag into the piece.  This sign is part of A Simpler Time’s nostalgic lake sign series that features full-color retro-graphics printed in vivid, fade-resistant inks.  This artwork can be purchased on either a wooden or a metal medium.  We selected the wooden version of this piece, which uses multiple rough cut wood planks and it’s been a wonderful addition to Creekside #9. A Simpler Time sells a large variety of art, décor, vintage signs, and gifts.  They pride themselves on their customer service with their motto being, a place where customer service and customer appreciation is still valued and have a great About Us story that is worth a read.

Creekside #9 is now a member of the Community Aquatic & Recreation Complex (CARC)

Garrett College Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex, the CARC, is a state of the art fitness and wellness complex housed on the Garrett College campus in the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland.  As guests of Creekside #9, please enjoy complimentary use of the CARC’s fitness center, pools, and basketball courts. 

The fitness center features various cardio and free weight equipment.  The pool area includes a full size competition pool as well as a warm water pool and the gymnasium has 3 college regulation size basketball courts.  The CARC is located at: 695 Mosser Road, McHenry MD, 21541.  The hours of the CARC are as follows:

Monday: 6AM - 9PM

Tuesday: 6AM - 9PM

Wednesday: 6AM - 9PM

Thursday: 6AM - 9PM

Friday: 6AM - 9PM

Saturday: 8AM - 8PM

Sunday: 10AM - 6PM 

For more information about the CARC, please review information in the Binder at Creekside #9 or at:

Other options are available to you with member pricing as our guests (e.g., fitness classes).

A CARC Pass will be located in Creekside #9.  Make sure to bring this pass with you to use the facility.  Enjoy!!!

New Tankless Hot Water Heater

Creekside #9 is excited about its recent upgrade to a tankless water heater.   This new high capacity tankless hot water heater is a real plus when you have a lot of people staying in our house with four bathrooms that all have showers and jetted tubs.  When three people are showering at the same time and you don’t run out of hot water, you’ll be pretty happy you’re staying at Creekside #9.  The hot water is not endless, but pretty close to it.  Plus it is green technology!  

Antiqued Aqua Side Table

This sweet little table was an estate sale “gem.” It’s pretty shape and practicality was marred by a “1960’s antiquing job” – dark green with black streaking which made it appear dated and drab (UGLY).  It was lucky for us because had that not been the case, someone surely would have snatched it up the minute the sale began.  As work began on stripping the finish, we found to our delight that one of the many layers of paint underneath the antique job, was the actually color you see as it sits in its place in the lower bedroom, under that paddle of the same color!  The paddle was a great find at Target.

Handmade Cork Sailboats

We crafted some cork sailboats inspired by images found on pinterest.  Several corks were milk painted a bluish green to represent the water.  Then we made a cork sailboat in honor of each grandchild.  We varied the number of corks to make the bottom of each boat from one to three.  Boats with two or more corks needed to be hot glued together.   In the center of each boat a hole was drilled into the cork to insert the mast that was made out of half a wooden skewer.  A variety of solid, nautical, and outdoor patterned paper were selected and cut into triangles to make a total of 6 sailboats.  Two holes were punched in the middle of each sail in order to slide the wooden masts through each triangular piece of paper.  The cork sailboats are displayed in glass cookie jar container on the top shelf of the cabinet above the sink. 

Feel free to leave any of your corks behind from your stay in the glass container in the basement bar area.  We might incorporate corks into a future decorating project! 

Cork Sailboats.1.JPG

Handmade Frame for DCL Watercolor Map

We went to a few stores looking for the right frame for the DCL watercolor map.  None of the stores had the right size in a light color frame, so we decided to make our own.  We combined rough sawn oak for the interior of the frame, with an old poster frame we found at an estate sale that we cut down and used to create the outer trim. 

First, we planed down the oak to the proper thickness for the exterior trim and cut both down to size to fit the matte for the frame.  We cut the matte by hand to fit the watercolor map using a razor blade and straight edge.  Next, we primed and painted the frame the same white color used to paint the legs of the dining room table.  In order to get the antique look, we then stained the frame using the color Early American and immediately wiped off most of the stain to complete the antique look.  Lastly, we had a piece of glass cut just down the street at Lowe’s to finish the frame!  

DCL Map Frame 1.jpg

DCL Watercolor Map by Etsy’s Jocelyn’s Ink Well

When we came across Jocelyn’s InkWell water color maps we thought this would be a beautiful and very useful addition to DCL@Creekside #9.  We also thought it was really exciting that Jocelyn had been named the 1997 official artist for the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC since our family lives in and around DC.  The National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates spring in Washington, DC, the gift of the cherry blossom trees, and the friendship between the people of the United States and Japan.

Jocelyn was wonderful to work with designing our map.  Using lightfast watercolor she hand-painted a 14x20 horizontal view of Deep Creek Lake.   Using calligraphy in india ink she labeled all the places we thought many of our guests would be interested in locating around the lake.  The final list of places included: DCL @ Creekside #9; Deep Creek Lake State Park; Nature Center; Swallow Falls State Park; Wisp Resort; the Dam; Deep Creek Bridge; Turkey Neck; Yacht Club; Green Glade; and Market Square Plaza.

For now, we have decided to place the watercolor map of DCL on the stone mantle above the fireplace on the main level.  Make sure to turn on the lights above the mantle to better see the beautiful blue colors of the lake and the green and brown colors of the surrounding land on the map.  It actually shimmers!

The story behind the frame is also neat, stay tuned… 

Wooden Coordinates Sign by Etsy’s Bench Mark Custom Signs

Over the front door entryway is an engraved wooden coordinates sign made by a woodworker (Phil) from Bench Mark Custom Signs on Etsy.   The coordinates and message are deeply carved into solid American hardwood.  Phil operates Bench Mark Custom signs near the small town of Metamora Illinois. 

The coordinates we used were based on the center location of the lake.   You can personalize the wooden sign anyway you choose.  We thought “Where the Heart is” was a wonderful saying for DC@Creekside #9 because of all the fun activities that families, friends, and individuals can enjoy at the lake all year round!  

DCL Nautical Flags Print by Etsy’s Nautical Flag Shop

Many of the decorations for DCL@Creekside #9 were handmade, but we also did our best to find other local artists’ work we could support.  This is why several pieces throughout the house are from artists on Etsy.  Our next several posts will feature some of these creations.  I’m sure over time we’ll be adding more Etsy pieces to DCL@Creekside #9.  We’ll always keep you posted. 

We found on Etsy a graphic designer (Douglas) that prints alphabetized nautical flags of your favorite places on the water.  Each nautical flag represents the first letter of the water’s name.  We thought this would be a neat piece to add to DCL@Creekside #9 .  Also, Douglas is located in Carlisle, PA, which is just minutes away from Gettysburg College, the alma mater for many of the family members of DCL@Creekside #9. 

We searched several places for the perfect frame and matte for the 11” x 14” DCL nautical print.  We ended up selecting a matte and frame from Michael’s.  We went with a darker blue matte and a chestnut frame that had an orange hue.   It was a little tribute to the orange and blue colors for Gettysburg College!  

Hand Crafted Rustic Coffee Table, Console Table, and Entertainment Shelving

After making the dining room table and center piece, we decided to make several complimentary pieces for the main and lower levels.  The rustic, cross-beam style of these pieces was inspired by a coffee table collaboration of the DIY bloggers Shanty 2 Chic and Anna White.  

Similar to the handcrafted dining room table, various modifications were made to the coffee table, media tables, and console table, such as not using wheels, adjusting the overall dimensions, and adding rustic metal hardware on the four corners of the table tops.  The stain color for the main floor pieces is a unique blend of Early American and Golden Pecan used to match the hardwood floors.  The lower level media table was stained in Special Walnut to match the couch and coffee table.

All the cutting and sanding was done at our home and then transported to DCL for the staining and assembling process.  You can find the coffee table by the fireplace over the beautiful rugs we found on Wayfair.  The console table is in the entry way on the main level across from the handmade entry way bench and can be used to place bags, winter gear, and shoes on the lower shelves.   The entertainment shelving is on the lower level and being used to house the DVD player and cable box.

Aerial Photos of DCL

One of our family members came across Greg Cromer’s DCL aerial photos of the different seasons of the lake and everyone agreed these were a must for DCL@Creekside #9.  The family voted on the two photos we thought would work best in the lower level of DCL@Creekside #9.  We ended up selecting the horizontal fall and vertical summer photos in the 16” x 20” size.  We thought it was really neat to see the color differences of the trees around the lake and also the action on the lake.  Both the chestnut frame that had an orange hue used for the fall photo and the dark wooden frame used for the summer photo came from Michael’s.  Greg Cromer takes aerial photos of several East Coast towns and venues.  He sells them on his website at reasonable prices.

DCL Wooden Sign by Jones’ Rustic Signs

Who doesn’t love a hot drink, breakfast sandwich, crepe, protein wrap, or any other delicious treat from Trader’s - located just a half mile from DCL@Creekside #9 down Garrett Highway?  We do, and every time we visit, we can’t help but look at all the fun lake signs for sale in the coffee house.  We wanted one that matched the color scheme on the first floor of DCL@Creekside #9.  Trader’s staff recommended we reach out directly to Jones’ Rustic Sign Company, the Dayton, Ohio based artisans group that makes most of their signs by hand.  We worked with a representative from Jones’ and designed a 6” x 20” handmade Deep Creek Lake sign out of pine, with a cream crackle background, country blue text, with a cream antiqued frame.  The finished product can be found on the shelf above the kitchen sink!  


Where Did the Name and Logo for DCL@Creekside #9 Come From?

The DCL@Creekside #9 family lives in and around Washington, DC.  Since “DC” represents both the District of Columbia and Deep Creek, we wanted to include “DC” in the name.  Many people at Deep Creek know of Creekside so we thought it was important to include the location in the name as well.  As local baseball fans, we tried to incorporate the same text font as the Washington baseball team.  A family friend that is a graphic designer was very gracious and designed the DCL@Creekside #9 logo for us.  Thanks so much Trisha for all your help! 


Welcome Buckets

DCL @Creekside #9 is now providing Limited Edition Welcome Buckets!  We wanted to provide you with some of the basics upon arriving to the lake.  These blue buckets with rope handles include: a roll of paper towels, two rolls of toilet paper, a bottle of dish soap, a container of hand soap, a trash bag, a chip clip, and pad and paper.  We hope these essentials help get you off to a good start.  Enjoy your time at the lake!     


DCL Welcome Buckets.1.JPG

Entry Way Bench

From St. Aloysius Church at Gonzaga High School, to Bethesda, MD, to Northeast DC, to Silver Spring, MD, and now to Deep Creek, MD, this former church pew has done its fair share of traveling!  When the basement church was renovated back in the late 1990s, interested Gonzaga families were able to take home pews that were in very poor condition to have a keepsake of the church's history.  The church itself dates back to 1859 and served as a hospital during the Civil War (and it makes you wonder who might have sat on that church pew)!  After spending several years in our family's garage, we decided to refurbish the pew to make it a more usable and safe piece of furniture to enjoy!  

The pew was originally cut down to fit the front porch space in one our family member's homes in Northeast, DC.  After shortening the pew, matching rectangular detailing was carved into the back support, the broken arms were replaced, the bottom was made more supportive by building three compartments to fit organizers, and lastly the bench was completely sanded and re-painted several shades of brown.  The three bottom compartments were designed to fit the Pottery Barn baskets currently in the bench.

Dining Room Table Wooden Box Centerpiece

The dining room table rectangular wooden box centerpiece was inspired by a project posted on Shanty 2 Chic's DIY blog.  The plans were altered slightly to make the centerpiece best fit the farmhouse dining room table size and colors.  Similar to the dining room legs and stringer, the box was painted white, sanded, and then stained to complete the antique look.  

We searched high and low for the right bottles to include in the centerpiece.  We didn't want anything that required flowers or other decor that would limit visibility when sitting at the table. Finally, Michael's had nautical bottles on sale for Memorial Day, and we couldn't resist!  

Please feel free to move the centerpiece to enjoy the entire farmhouse dining room table during meals and activities!      

Hand Crafted Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Table

We originally intended to purchase a dining room table, but were not able to find the perfect one for our lake home!  Since several family members are very handy, we decided to construct our own.  After several weeks of sawing, sanding, painting, and antiquing, the dining room table is complete!  The rustic farmhouse style was inspired by Anna White's DIY blog.   Various modifications, such as removing one of the pedestals and beefing up the joinery, were incorporated to make the table fit perfectly in DCL @ Creekside #9's main floor space.  The stain colors were a unique blend of Early American and Golden Pecan to match the hardwood floors. The legs and stringer (piece of wood that runs the length of the table to give it added support) were painted white and then antiqued to compliment the kitchen cabinets.  The antique process consisted of sanding away various portions of the wood to give a more rustic look to the table legs and the stringer, with matching stain then applied and wiped off to complete the antique look.  

Most of the dining room table was constructed in a family backyard in Garrett Park, MD.  It was quite a feat to get the table, all its parts, and chairs to Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, MD - two-and-a-half hours away.  All final touches and the antiquing process took place on the ground level patio where the hot tub is now!  Much more enjoyable tasks when you have a beautiful view of the lake!

Lastly, we searched numerous stores and online outlets for the right dining rooms chairs for the farmhouse table.  We finally found complementary white chairs with "X' backs at a great price from IKEA, along with gray cushions to make the chairs more comfortable for our guests.  When we saw the matching children's stools, we couldn't resist these for our kids and our smaller guests that come to stay at Creekside #9!