Entry Way Bench

From St. Aloysius Church at Gonzaga High School, to Bethesda, MD, to Northeast DC, to Silver Spring, MD, and now to Deep Creek, MD, this former church pew has done its fair share of traveling!  When the basement church was renovated back in the late 1990s, interested Gonzaga families were able to take home pews that were in very poor condition to have a keepsake of the church's history.  The church itself dates back to 1859 and served as a hospital during the Civil War (and it makes you wonder who might have sat on that church pew)!  After spending several years in our family's garage, we decided to refurbish the pew to make it a more usable and safe piece of furniture to enjoy!  

The pew was originally cut down to fit the front porch space in one our family member's homes in Northeast, DC.  After shortening the pew, matching rectangular detailing was carved into the back support, the broken arms were replaced, the bottom was made more supportive by building three compartments to fit organizers, and lastly the bench was completely sanded and re-painted several shades of brown.  The three bottom compartments were designed to fit the Pottery Barn baskets currently in the bench.