DCL Wooden Sign by Jones’ Rustic Signs

Who doesn’t love a hot drink, breakfast sandwich, crepe, protein wrap, or any other delicious treat from Trader’s - located just a half mile from DCL@Creekside #9 down Garrett Highway?  We do, and every time we visit, we can’t help but look at all the fun lake signs for sale in the coffee house.  We wanted one that matched the color scheme on the first floor of DCL@Creekside #9.  Trader’s staff recommended we reach out directly to Jones’ Rustic Sign Company, the Dayton, Ohio based artisans group that makes most of their signs by hand.  We worked with a representative from Jones’ and designed a 6” x 20” handmade Deep Creek Lake sign out of pine, with a cream crackle background, country blue text, with a cream antiqued frame.  The finished product can be found on the shelf above the kitchen sink!