DCL Nautical Flags Print by Etsy’s Nautical Flag Shop

Many of the decorations for DCL@Creekside #9 were handmade, but we also did our best to find other local artists’ work we could support.  This is why several pieces throughout the house are from artists on Etsy.  Our next several posts will feature some of these creations.  I’m sure over time we’ll be adding more Etsy pieces to DCL@Creekside #9.  We’ll always keep you posted. 

We found on Etsy a graphic designer (Douglas) that prints alphabetized nautical flags of your favorite places on the water.  Each nautical flag represents the first letter of the water’s name.  We thought this would be a neat piece to add to DCL@Creekside #9 .  Also, Douglas is located in Carlisle, PA, which is just minutes away from Gettysburg College, the alma mater for many of the family members of DCL@Creekside #9. 

We searched several places for the perfect frame and matte for the 11” x 14” DCL nautical print.  We ended up selecting a matte and frame from Michael’s.  We went with a darker blue matte and a chestnut frame that had an orange hue.   It was a little tribute to the orange and blue colors for Gettysburg College!