Handmade Frame for DCL Watercolor Map

We went to a few stores looking for the right frame for the DCL watercolor map.  None of the stores had the right size in a light color frame, so we decided to make our own.  We combined rough sawn oak for the interior of the frame, with an old poster frame we found at an estate sale that we cut down and used to create the outer trim. 

First, we planed down the oak to the proper thickness for the exterior trim and cut both down to size to fit the matte for the frame.  We cut the matte by hand to fit the watercolor map using a razor blade and straight edge.  Next, we primed and painted the frame the same white color used to paint the legs of the dining room table.  In order to get the antique look, we then stained the frame using the color Early American and immediately wiped off most of the stain to complete the antique look.  Lastly, we had a piece of glass cut just down the street at Lowe’s to finish the frame!  

DCL Map Frame 1.jpg