Handmade Cork Sailboats

We crafted some cork sailboats inspired by images found on pinterest.  Several corks were milk painted a bluish green to represent the water.  Then we made a cork sailboat in honor of each grandchild.  We varied the number of corks to make the bottom of each boat from one to three.  Boats with two or more corks needed to be hot glued together.   In the center of each boat a hole was drilled into the cork to insert the mast that was made out of half a wooden skewer.  A variety of solid, nautical, and outdoor patterned paper were selected and cut into triangles to make a total of 6 sailboats.  Two holes were punched in the middle of each sail in order to slide the wooden masts through each triangular piece of paper.  The cork sailboats are displayed in glass cookie jar container on the top shelf of the cabinet above the sink. 

Feel free to leave any of your corks behind from your stay in the glass container in the basement bar area.  We might incorporate corks into a future decorating project! 

Cork Sailboats.1.JPG